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Tick Season

Post Date: Wednesday 22nd, August

Running from early Spring (September) to late Autumn (May) marks the start of tick season on the NSW north coast. Now is the time to ensure you'v got your best friend protected. Bubble & Squeak - Pet and Rural in Maclean have announced a great offer on NexGard. While stocks last you can purchase 3 month flea and tick protection for your dog for only $50. This price is valid for all sizes including very small, small, medium, large and extra large dogs. 

This is a great sa


This offer is available in store now. We can also arrange 

For peace of mind we have 24/7 access to a vet. We also record your current vets details in case we are required to contact them.

We understand you and your pets needs

Everyday we meet pets and their owners all with different levels of experience with boarding kennels. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have as an owner or for your pets prior to booking, checking in or during their stay. No two pets are the same thats why we ensure the needs of each individual holidaying with us is looked after. Whether that be special meals, medication, grooming or simply a little more tender loving care. 

We strive to ensure every pet that leaves Maclean Kennels and Cattery is rested, relaxed and happy. It so important to ensure every experience is a positive one. That's the reason why so many pets are always keen to get back down to the kennels. Fond memories and new fur mates are made every day! The biggest judge on a pets stay is the owner. Come see for yourself why so many vets in the Clarence Valley recommend Maclean Kennels and Cattery.

Premium Pet Food

We feed and recommend Royal Canin. 

At Maclean Kennels and Cattery we understand that you want the best for your pets, so do we. That's why we only feed premium pet food from Royal Canin to all of our guests. All of the time. All guests boarding with us dine from the Royal Canin range that is hand weighed in accordance to your pets size and breed. 

Royal Canin offers a balanced diet that is highly palatable and ensures your pets are getting the nutrition they need while holidaying with us. For a limited time we are offering kennel packs provided to us from Royal Canin. It also includes details of their range and a discount that can be redeemed at your local stockist. 

You can leave your pets with us knowing they're eating one of the best premium pet foods on the market. 

More Ways to Book

Book online, in store, over the phone or email. Easy!

Book Online! We offer you more ways to book your pets stay at Maclean Kennels and Cattery. We know it's not always convenient to call during business hours. That's why we offer your our online booking system. You can book online, 24/7. Anytime, any day from anywhere! Our booking tool can be accessed here on our website from the big orange BOOK NOW button. You simply select your dates, kennel preference and the name of your pets. Once you've submitted your booking request you will receive an email letting you know we've received your enquiry. 

You'll soon receive a booking confirmation that outlines your booking reference, dates, pet details and will also let you know what vaccination records we require. If you've booked with us before we'll detail the expiration date for your pets vaccinations. If they're out of date or don't have any vaccination records, simply bring them with you on check in. Please note our vaccination requirements for cats and dogs from our Boarding page. 

Book In Store! You can now book in store at Bubble & Squeak Pet Store in Maclean. The same team at Maclean Kennels and Cattery own and operate Bubble & Squeak Pet Store. The team in store can check availability, save your vaccination records, book in your required dates and send you an email confirmation. Easy!

You can of course choose to call us on 0428 464 630 or send us an email to

Seniors Card Discount

Got a NSW Seniors Card? We offer a 10% discount off the total booking cost to all NSW Seniors Card holders. Simply present your Seniors Card when you check in your pets and we'll apply the discounts. Whats more, we'll save the discount to your customer record and a 10% will applied to all of your future bookings as well. Don't have a NSW Seniors Card? Bring in your pension card and we'll offer you the same discounts. 

We're More Social - Pet Postcards

Maclean Kennels and Cattery offers you more ways to stay connected on social media. Not only can you view updates and photos on our Facebook page, we also post photos to Instagram. Like us on Facebook and add us on Instagram to read stories of ours guests stay and updates from us. We respect your privacy and will never post photos of your pets during their stay or upon request. 

You can arrange for Pet Postcards to be sent directly to your inbox while your pet enjoys a holiday with us. Upon your consent we will add these to our Social pages. Pet Postcards can be ordered when booking online or can be requested when you book in person, over the phone or in person at Bubble & Squeak Pet Store in Maclean.

Vaccination Records 

Our booking tool allows us to keep digital records of the all pets boarding with us. At any time we can audit the records of any of the pets that have stayed with us. We know when your pets vaccinations are out of date and can remind you on your next booking with us. We also record your vet details so if for any reason we can contact your vet directly during their stay with us. We have established relationships with all the vets in the Clarence Valley. We also have a preferred vet should you be out of area and your pets requires veterinary attention. 

Your pets must meet our minimum vaccination requirements prior to entry to the kennels. If you are unsure of pets vaccinations speak with your vet to discuss their boarding needs. We can also help guide you on requirements. 

Your pets will never share accomodation

We never over book our kennels and will never make your pet share with other pet unless they are from the same family.  Some kennels will maximise their occupancy rates and revenue by having your pet share their kennels. When you book with us you can rest assured that your pet has their own secure kennel to board. The only space that will be shared are the exercise yards and this is strictly judged by your dogs temperament. No dog will never share a yard if there is any chance or any sign of aggression. A happy pet makes not only for a more comfortable stay for them but makes our jobs easier! 

Lots of new fur friendships are made in our exercise yards. It's a priceless moment when old friends meet up again at our kennels. Our policy for all guests is "We're all friends". Anyone that falls outside of this policy get to share a bordering yard only. 

Customer Service

We've saved the best till last! Prior to managing Maclean Kennels and Cattery we did a lot of research in to what what was exceptional customer service in the pet industry. We know how important that first point of contact is in regards to your pets. We also know how important that ongoing relationship is in trusting your loved ones in kennel care. We're proud to offer you a point of difference. You can rely on us to offer you the highest level of customer service, help, advice and support. We're here to ensure you're happy with your choice in kennels and there's no greater sign of approval than a pet keen to pass through our gates to get down to the yards.